Prevention of Covid-19 (illustration). Symptoms of fever are felt in sufferers of Covid-19 regardless of their vaccination status., JAKARTA — Covid-19 can trigger many symptoms that can appear throughout the body, ranging from diarrhea to dry coughs. Variant and strains Newcomers usually show a certain set of symptoms that are characteristic.

A new study has identified the most common symptoms of Covid-19 that don’t affect the respiratory system. The symptom is fever.

In addition, reported express, Thursday (25/5/2023), symptoms of fever also persist in sufferers regardless of their vaccination status. Fever is felt by both people who have been vaccinated and those who have not.

The study was based on examining the medical records of 63,454 patients who had been treated for Covid-19 at the University of California medical center, Berkeley, California, United States. The research team applied a statistical test to determine the relationship between non-respiratory symptoms, vaccination status, and differences in mortality between omicron and delta variant infections.

Corresponding author Shannon Cotton said the research team decided that they would do this research. The scientific literature has shown that although it includes respiratory diseases, Covid-19 affect multiple organ systems.

“We wanted to determine which organ systems and traits are most affected by the different SARS-CoV-2 variants, which are more likely to cause death, and the effect of being fully vaccinated or not vaccinated,” said Cotton.

With his team, Cotton found that the risk of developing non-respiratory Covid-19 symptoms19 was statistically higher in those who were not fully vaccinated. The tendency is seen in all variants.


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