Orthopaediusu.com, MAUMERE — A specialist in internal medicine at dr TC Hillers Maumere Hospital, Asep Purnama, reminded the importance of prompt and appropriate management or treatment of bite cases of rabies-infecting animals (HPR), especially dogs in Sikka Regency, Nusa Tenggara East. The area has become a rabies outbreak area.

“If you are bitten, wash the wound with running water and soap because soap kills the virus, you have to be quick and precise and come to the Rabies Center immediately to get treatment,” said Dr. Asep who is also secretary of the Flores and Lembata Rabies Committee in the In House Training on HPR Bites Management and the Rabies Case at Dr. TC Hillers Maumere Hospital, Sikka Regency, Wednesday (24/5/2023).

In front of the doctors and nurses who are within the scope of the regional hospital, Dr. Asep explained that health workers should not panic about HPR bites that require help at health care facilities. If there is a bite case, it must be handled as soon as possible so that the rabies virus does not reach the brain.

For low-risk cases, patients can be immediately given an anti-rabies vaccine (VAR). However, for high-risk cases, patients should be given VAR with anti-rabies serum (SAR).

Doctor Asep said that rabies is indeed a deadly disease, but it can be prevented by washing the wound and administering VAR and SAR according to indications. However, prevention of rabies must start with prevention of transmission through HPR vaccination, especially for dogs.

“Don’t panic. After being bitten, wash the wound, immediately give VAR or SAR,” said Asep.

Asep said, when the positivity rate of dog brain specimens is above 50 percent, extraordinary events will occur (KLB).

In 2018, he said, out of 118 dog brain specimens examined by the Denpasar Bali Veterinary Center, 60 were positive for rabies, with a positivity rate of 50.8 percent. Finally, a Rabies Outbreak in Sikka was decided in 2019.

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source: ameera.republika.co.id

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