Orthopaediusu.com – Indonesian Minister of Health (Menkes) Budi Gunadi Sadikin is optimistic that Indonesia can end tuberculosis (TB). He stated this when he was a participant in the 36th Stop TB Board Meeting in Varanasi, India on March 25-26 2023.

The meeting, which is held regularly every year, discusses progress on TB control in the world.

Some of the progress, one of which is from Indonesia, which in 2022 managed to find 74 percent of TB cases.

“Indonesia has been supported by many multi-sectoral regulations and will continue to improve TB surveillance through the development of digital innovations and the use of the latest technology,” said Minister of Health Budi.

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Health workers screen residents for tuberculosis at the Otista Sports Arena, Jakarta, Thursday (9/2/2023). [Orthopaediusu.com/Alfian Winanto]

Indonesia is one of the countries with the second highest TB burden in the world and is fully committed to eliminating TB. Director General of Disease Prevention and Control dr. Maxi Rein Rondonuwu said that even though health services were affected by COVID-19, Indonesia continues to be committed to achieving the TB elimination target.

“This can be seen that in 2022, Indonesia has succeeded in finding 74 percent of the estimated target of TB cases which has been achieved by intensifying active case detection, public and private collaboration, and taking a multisectoral approach,” said Director General Maxi.

Indonesia also expressed its full support for the agenda of the United Nation on High Level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB which will be held in September 2023, specifically to provide the best treatment for people with TB through shorter treatment, more affordable diagnostic tools, and innovative prevention. better.

This was also conveyed by the deputy health minister of Brazil that the need for prevention such as vaccinations needs to be easily accessible for developing countries to realize health equity for all. Indian Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya also said that currently India has the highest commitment to eliminating tuberculosis in 2025 which will be monitored specifically by the Prime Minister (PM) of India, Narendra Modi.

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source: www.suara.com

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