Actress Natasha Wilona revealed that she was experiencing physical changes as an effect of the workload she was currently working on.

The reason, not only preoccupied by a busy shooting schedule. The artist, who is familiarly called Wilo, has been busy preparing digital platforms for Gen Z for the past two years.

Wilo admitted that when it was midnight, sometimes he would suddenly have a headache.

“Sometimes I can have a headache in the middle of the night,” Natasha Wilona when met by media crew in the Gunawarman area, Kebayoran Baru, recently.

The Street Children soap star also feels that her weight is dropping day by day.

“Until the weight goes down, it’s getting smaller and smaller and what’s certain is lack of sleep,” he confided.

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Apart from that, Verrell Bramasta’s ex-girlfriend also experienced hair loss.

“I feel like my hair is falling out, it’s not a lie since I’ve been thinking hard about life. I also want to rest, I want 8 hours (sleep) but because I keep working, 6 hours is still okay. If shooting in the morning, it’s 4 to 5 hours,” said Wilo.

“Sometimes when a meeting tends to forget to eat, yes, it’s called work, someone has to be sacrificed,” he concluded briefly.

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