Orthopaediusu.com – Before Carlo Saba died, the Kahitna frontman had a heart block so he had a heart attack before acting on stage.

Carlo Saba breathed his last at Mayapada Hospital, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta on Wednesday, 19 April 2023 at 21.41 WIB.

“(He died because) there was a blockage in the heart,” said Management Team Yovie Widianto, Ady in a message to Orthopaediusu.com, Wednesday (19/4/2023) evening.

Carlo Saba Kahitna [Instagram/@carlo_saba]

Kahitna’s Instagram account said the body of the Beautiful singer was at the Sentosa funeral home, Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta.

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“Information on the location and funeral procession will be informed (with) soon,” wrote @kahitna.

Meanwhile, Intervention and Cardiac Arrhythmia Consultant at Eka Hospital BSD, dr. Ignatius Yansen NG. said many people often underestimate a heart attack, because the symptoms are not severe.

Symptoms that are not severe include chest pain or just discomfort in the chest.

“Many think that this is just an ordinary chest complaint or even a cold and don’t think that this could potentially become something worse, such as a heart attack,” said dr. Ignatius through information received by suara.com, Thursday (20/4/2023).

Even though according to dr. Ignatius, symptoms of chest pain due to heart disease which are mild at first, can get worse in the next heart attack if not treated immediately. Even the greatest risk of dying from a heart attack.

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“Gradually and getting worse can be an alarm for your body and you need to be aware of the risk of having a heart attack at a later time,” explained dr. Ignatius.

A heart attack is a condition resulting from a lack of oxygen-rich blood supply to the heart muscles. Even though it happens suddenly, the body first sends several gradual signals that can be felt for signs.

Following are some of the causes of heart attacks that must be watched out for according to Dr. Ignatius:

1. Acute thrombosis

Acute thrombosis is a heart disorder that causes a heart attack, because the heart’s arteries close suddenly and block blood flow to the heart.

2. Hypoxaemia

Hypoxemia is a rare condition when the lungs experience decreased function or cannot work optimally, resulting in low oxygen levels in the blood.

Apart from causing a heart attack, this condition also causes anemia due to reduced oxygen intake to the heart.

3. Use of Drugs

Some drugs can trigger heart attacks, such as addictive drugs. So you have to be wise to take medicines and consult a doctor first.

4. Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyles such as rarely exercising, poor diet, smoking can also trigger the accumulation of fat or cholesterol in the body, which is one of the main triggers for heart attacks.

source: www.suara.com

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