Bugle.com – The government is currently continuing its efforts to improve the second Covid-19 vaccine booster. Various parties are also looking to increase the coverage of this second Covid-19 booster vaccine.

As is well known, Indonesia is currently in a transitional period from a pandemic to an endemic one. Quoted from the Ministry of Health’s website, the Minister of Health said that the number of Covid-19 patients admitted to hospital, those treated in ICU and those who died was the same as other infectious diseases, such as influenza, dengue fever, tuberculosis and malaria, so it can be categorized as a normal infection. .

“So it will be a consideration for WHO to revoke the world’s pandemic status.”

Booster Vaccine Illustration – How to Register for the Second Booster Vaccine (Pixabay)

Quoted from the Ministry of Health’s website, the target target for the national Covid-19 vaccination is 234,666,020 participants. For dose 1 vaccination, there were 203,794,776 participants (86.84%). Meanwhile, for dose 2 vaccination, there were 174,861,481 participants (74.52%). Data as of 23 February 2023.

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For this reason, Premier Bintaro Hospital (RSPB is again holding a Covid-19 Vaccination for the public, which will be held on Sunday, 26 February 2023 at the Orchid Clinic, RSPB. CEO of RSPB, Dr. Martha ML Siahaan, MARS, MHKes said that the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine The 2nd 19 boosters were provided free of charge as a form of support for the Covid-19 vaccination program organized by the government.

In addition, this event is also a series of roadshows ahead of the 25th anniversary of RSPB. As a health service provider, Martha hopes that the target for the Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia can be achieved soon.

“The administration of this vaccine is also part of our CSR program, namely RSD Cares. The RSD Cares program has three pillars which are the main focus, caring for our people, caring for our planet, and caring for our community. Each pillar has a different program, this vaccine program is included in the pillar of caring for our people because our main target is the families of employees as well as patients and their families,” said Dr. Martha explained.

This concern is a form of culture or work ethic built by Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care (RSDH) as part of the sustainability program incorporated in RSD Cares and will continue to be implemented and improved by all hospitals under the auspices of RSDH.

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