Orthopaediusu.com – All the delicious food during Eid and this Eid 2023 moment will definitely have an impact on your body. Little or much, weight gain will occur, and it’s good to get it back on balance. You can see several ways to lose weight after Eid, and try it at home.

1. Try Sunnah Fasting

After celebrating the victory day, you can try to do sunnah fasting. Fasting the sunnah of Shawwal for six days can help control the weight you have, provided you also have to be disciplined in consuming the menu for sahur and breaking the fast.

When doing this fast, the calories that enter the body will ideally be reduced so that the accumulated fat can be used as fuel for activities. This sunnah fasting has the same pattern as modern fasting which is called intermittent fasting.

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2. Expand Fiber

One type of nutrition that is important in order to lose weight is fiber. By consuming enough foods that contain fiber, you will feel full quickly without having to eat large portions.

This way you can control your appetite because you don’t feel hungry quickly. The desire to consume small meals can also be suppressed, by replacing them with fruits and vegetables regularly.

3. Drink Water before Eating

Don’t underestimate a glass of water before eating. These simple tips can help you lose the weight you gain after Eid, because this way you will feel full faster.

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This feeling of satiety that comes more quickly can help you avoid overeating, which can actually exacerbate unwanted weight gain.

4. Regulating Diet

The fourth way to lose weight after Eid is to adjust your diet. Everyone knows that the temptation of opor and rendang often makes eating patterns messy. But for the sake of the common good, you must be disciplined in adopting a healthy diet.

Stick to the same meal schedule every day, for example, with three main meals and two snacks. The body will adapt to the calorie intake it gets, so that its metabolism can return to its optimal state.

5. Sports course

Lastly, and being the most obvious tip and how-to of all, is to exercise. After finishing all the agenda of returning home and visiting relatives, returning to regular exercise can help the body burn existing fat deposits.

Exercising for at least 30 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week, can be the simplest schedule. Either cardio or weight training, as long as everything is done regularly it will give optimal results.

Those were 5 ways to lose weight after Eid that you can share, hope this is useful!

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